Friday, March 23, 2012

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Good Monday morning! We hope you had a great weekend! Today, we're proudly participating in these link parties.

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Kitchen

I finally made a change in my kitchen.  When we first built our home I thought I wanted this table.  Only to realize it overwhelmed the space.  It was way too big and bulky and not very family friendly. Not practical for our average casual family. This is the picture I listed on craigslist. The glass was so thick and heavy, it took two very strong guys to carry her away and I'm sooo glad they did!

You know how our lives and taste change over the years. I've found myself in love with farm tables in blog posts and magazines. It seems simple enough to find one right?  You know when you're looking for the perfect thing, it's no where to be found! I finally came across this table at Pier One. Matched up some chairs from World Market and it's much more functional and inviting (I would love to have a burlap runner).  

I'm debating on painting the metal pieces at the windows??? Whatcha think? 
Or maybe just find something new altogether. Any ideas?

I'm still trying to warm up to the newly painted hutch and mirror. I'm such a neutral color kinda girl. Adding color is scary to me! The hutch was black and the mirror was a dark brown with a black undertone. I think this gonna be alright....

Now, I'm in the market for new bar stools. 

I love vintage metal signs. This one isn't a keeper for this space because of the size, but it does add color and definitely character!  

Like everyone else, my home is always a work in progress. I would love to paint the cabinets and have bead board on the walls, but yes......I'm skeered! 

I hope you enjoyed the kitchen tour. As always, your comments are welcome. 
We would love to hear from you! 


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Metal Mania

As we last mentioned, we're still new to Etsy. We're by no means experts yet, but if anything, we are persistent, we'll get there. 

We're really digging selling our cast iron pieces. We especially hope others will dig them too. 

Here's a glimpse of some of our treasures
we've listed.

  mermaid love...

rustic sandy crab....

 sweet fairy relaxing on her snail friend..

 little perched birdie....

patina skeleton keys....

lovely angelic cherub....

history buff, this one's for you...

and for you rooster lovers out there, here's a aqua rooster for ya.

And if you're gonna have a aqua rooster, 
you may as well have a aqua pig!

Something for everybody! If you like this preview, you'll love our shop. Jump right on over to Roadside Trunk Show.

  I hope you enjoyed looking around.
If you found something you must have, just let us know.As always, we would love to hear from you.


Monday, November 28, 2011

Look out Etsy, Here we Come!

Connie and I had a plan for the fall/winter to start working on our etsy store following the season end of the Peddler's Market. 

But, I got really excited after I came across Gina's ebook from The Shabby Creek Cottage "From Passion to Profit."  I purchased it for $10 and downloaded it.  I had all intentions on decorating for Christmas that day, then I found myself opening an etsy store (no, I still haven't decorated, maybe later today...). I have posted a few items and I'm still tweaking the store.  There's a lot to learn about etsy but it seems to be rather user friendly.  We hope to continue posting new items daily and keep our storefront updated.  I wouldn't of been as motivated if it wasn't for Gina! Now, I just need to find a book to motivate me to decorate for Christmas!

Our shop is Roadside Relic's "RoadsideTrunkShow." Check it out!


Monday, October 31, 2011

One Day at a Time

Well Hello All and Happy Halloween to you! :) Please excuse our absence here in blogland. We're happy to say we've been really busy with The Castle Street Peddler's Market.  Selling, buying, refinishing, loading, unloading, you get the idea.  Between our "real" jobs and our dream job, we stay pretty busy.  We're getting ready for the upcoming weekend with the CSPM along with The Fall Festival on Castle Street. Our last few markets have really been growing! Yay!

Artist Sheri Welsh

These photos were taken early, right after vendor setups.  We hope to show you some great pics from the upcoming weekend.  We're excited to say, we'll have Debbie from Miss Lillians Cottage decorate an entrance along with an arbor and beautiful fall decor from her lovely little cottage in Hampstead, NC. Southern charm and hospitality awaits all who enter the front door of Miss Lillian's Cottage. Here's a sneak preview from the talented ladies at Miss Lillian's.

Miss Lillian's Cottage
Miss Lillian's Cottage

Miss Lillian's Cottage

I'm grateful to say, our plates are full right now.  Just this week: 
  • My husband and a friend are launching a BBQ business together.
  • I'm helping my mom (a little) with my minimal blogging skills, on her blog about a children's book she's publishing. She would love for you to visit and comment if you have any words of inspiration or wisdom.  You can follow her progress at J.A.M.
  • Connie & I are working everyday with vendors and marketing for the market.
  • Our Etsy shop is in the works....  
  • We do have to work our "real jobs" as well.
  • Last but not least at all, help to keep the household running smoothly on a daily basis.

I know you are super busy as well. 
It's amazing what we all have to juggle. 

I hope you are blessed this week in everything you do!


Monday, August 22, 2011

One Step Closer to Doing What we Love!

We would like to fill you in on what's been keeping us so busy.  Connie and I are now hosting the "Castle Street Peddler's Market" in Wilmington, NC, every 1st & 3rd Saturdays of the month.  

A little history on how it all worked out...things sort of fell into place as Connie and I were out recently talking with shop owners about vendor space and ideas to move our merchandise.  In doing so we met Michael with Michael Moore Antiques.  We hit it off right away!  In talking with him, we felt he could see our love and drive for the business.  He has been gracious enough to allow us the opportunity to make this our project, as he is the property owner, and is supporting our efforts the entire way!  

We just can't put into words how passionate and excited we are about it!  With the increasing costs to travel to the Raleigh Flea Market, this has been a fantastic opportunity and we greatly appreciate it!  The market features artisan goods, vintage items, collectibles, furniture and home accents. It's really a great venue for small business owners and artisans to network locally right in our own hometown.  

Roadside Relics

Various Artisan Goods and Vintage Items

Giclees by Anne Newbold Perkins

Gotta love "Sally's Sacks"

Myrna's treasures

More Roadside Relics...we just love our stuff!

We hope this gets bigger and better each time!  With our excitement we can really make this happen.  We are still working on vendor support and ways to drum up more traffic to this wonderful antique district.  Wilmington has needed a market like this for a really long time.  Please cross your fingers and say some prayers that this gets bigger than we ever imagined!  We'll keep you posted!  ~ Marie